3 Reasons Why Contractors don’t wear shoe covers when visiting your home

Many contractors don’t wear any shoe or boot covers when entering your home. This happens every day to many homeowners which most of the time feel uncomfortable to ask the contractor to put shoe covers or take off his shoes. The contractor goes straight to your master bedroom and kids’ living room, to install a cable TV for example, without any hesitation, bringing all kinds of bacteria into your house.


Contractors simply hate the disposable shoe covers – they tear apart easy, look unprofessional and pose significant risk of slipping on the customer’s premises. Handymen don’t like to take a chance of being down on your floor.

Liability issues. Don’t  be surprised if you ask your contractor to take his shoes off and he refuses. Many companies, even well known and respected, are concern for the safety of their technicians and it is understandable that you can’t have a professional working without his shoes. What if the TV somehow fells on the foot of the TV installer and he gets injured? The company will have to file claim with their insurance provider, and their premiums will go up if the claim gets approved. In many cases the insurance company will deny the claim since the technician did not have protective footwear.

The business simply doesn’t care and respect their customer’s home. You will be surprised but the majority of the companies fall under this category. Even cleaning and maids companies which are supposed to keep you home clean don’t think about it.
Well, If you are or have been in a similar situation, let your Contractor know that there is a solution that can keep your home clean and at the same time help the contractor look professional and feel safe. MyShoeCovers are reusable and washable shoe and boot covers with a strong grip. For more information and the benefits of using reusable shoe and boot covers visit www.MyShoeCovers.com