How to save $200 per year per employee by switching from disposable shoe cover to reusable shoe and boot covers, look professional and get more customer referrals.

You should consider reading this post if you own or operate a residential contractor business. Disposable shoe covers cost between $0.10 and $0.30 per pair and must be disposed of after a single use. For fair comparison will use the upper range of $0.30 for our comparison since MyShoeCovers are premium reusable shoe and boot covers, retail for $19.99 (businesses get a volume discount) and have to be replaced after 6 to 9 months on average. We will use the lower end of the range of 6 months for our comparison.
Let’s assume that service techs visit on average 3 houses per day, which will translate to $0.90 worth of disposable shoe covers per day or $20 per month with 22 working days or $240 per year per employee.
In comparison 2 pairs of MyShoeCovers – reusable and washable booties would have cost you $40 per year a saving of $200 per employee. Obviously this number will vary based on your actual cost and number of visits. In addition to the savings, your technicians will look professional, not worry about slipping on your customer premises and get more referrals.
By the way we get the argument all the time that companies don’t spend that much on disposable shoe covers per employee. If you are not, you should really look in to it and ask your technicians if they are really putting shoe covers when entering customers’ homes. Most likely, your customers are not getting the service that they deserve simply because the techs do not want to mess with the disposable shoe covers which tear apart easily, does not look professional and are not very slip-resistant.
Get a pair of MyShoeCovers for you techs and see the difference. What do you have to lose? You can always switch back to disposables. For more information and the benefits of using reusable shoe covers visit