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MyShoeCovers® Premium Bowling Shoe Covers Pair

MyShoeCovers® Premium Bowling Shoe Covers Pair

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Premium Bowling Shoe Covers - Durable Quality Construction. Non-Slip and Water-Resistant Shoe Covers. Ships FREE in 1 business day. Minimum order quantity 5 pairs. Need less than 5 pairs - shop on Amazon.


Designed to fit over Bowling shoes when a player leaves the lane. Can be used for other applications as well where slim fit over shoes is necessary.

Protect your bowling shoes when you leave the lane. Thick water resistant uppers made of high quality and high density fabric, thick and waterproof sole that will last, overclock stich with a safety stich for extra durability, secure and slip resistant grip, easy on and off. Made in USA of imported fabric.

SMALL- fits 7 to 8 (Men) or 7 to 9 (Women).

MEDIUM- fits 8.5 to 9.5 (Men) or 9.5 -10.5 (Women).

LARGE- fits 10 to 11.5 (Men) or 11 and UP (Women).

X-LARGE- fits 12 to 13.5 (Men).